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I'm releasing songs I've written and recorded over a 40 year period of my life.  At this time, I have two CD's completed and available ...The first is a double CD collection of 22 original numbers entitled  "My Gospel Songs".
The second CD has 20 numbers and is just called THE BO CONRAD BAND...(this band played after The Bo Conrad Spit Band) from 1978-1982.  If interested in buying either of these CDs, send $20  (check or cash) along with your mailing address to Bo Conrad 2080 397th Ave NE Stanchfield MN 55080 and I will send you your order.  Allow 2-3 weeks to receive your CD in the mail.  Any questions...Contact
The BO CONRAD SPIT BAND (1969-1975)  TRUE STORY  31 song double CD can be purchased through BO CONRAD SPIT BAND .com.   The Spit Band CD is pictured on the left and is $20.

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